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Continuous innovation is what fuels the success of computer-related businesses such as computer rental these days. This is because the continuous innovation in gadgets and other pieces of equipment opens a lot of doors and opportunities to people.

To those who are already in computer rentals as a business, the major requirement is that they should always be up to date no matter what. Today, the latest trend in computer rentals in the use of wireless network. Unlike before when the conventional wired cables are used to connect computer units to the Internet, people who are running computer rental businesses now opt for the wireless one because it is easier and more practical to use.

However, learning how wireless networking is not that easy especially to those who are not technically-equipped. If you are one of those that doesn’t have technical know-how in wireless networking, it would be best to take up an online tutorial course because this will help you run your computer rental business better.

Making it work

People are generally fast-learners. It is quite evident how many people succeed in their respective fields despite the fact that they have had no formal training of their craft. Although innate creativity is needed to be a standout in a chosen field, it doesn’t mean that if you do not have the ìgift,î you can never excel in something you are interested with. This is what the online tutorials will teach you.

Aside from making you realize that anything could be possible if you put your mind and heart to it, online tutorials will also teach you how wireless tutorial can be a key to a successful computer rental business. During an online tutorial, you will learn the:

- basics of wireless networking such as terminologies, uses of different gadgets and accessories, and where you can find good quality products;

- configuration of wireless router using the network cable that came with it; and

- connecting the wireless network on your computer.

If your wireless network would not work, the online tutorial can also give you the following tips to make it work:

1. Try to check your wireless network adapter in case it needs to be replaced. Since wireless network signals should be sent both to and from your PC, you should check if your router broadcasts enough to reach your computer. This is to avoid the complications of not having your computer send signals back to your router.

2. Change the adapter, update your firmware and the network adapter driver as well. To increase the performance of your wireless network, get the latest firmware updates for your router by visiting your router manufacturer’s Web site.

3. Use a wireless repeater to extend your wireless network range without the hassles to additional wirings. All you have to do is place the wireless repeater halfway — just between your wireless access point and your computer — to get an instant boost to the strength of your wireless signal. Since you are almost doing a major overhaul, might as well upgrade your 802.11b devices to 802.11g.802.11b, which is about five times faster.

Although wireless network can be more expensive than the traditional ones, experts believe that this should be the way that owners of compute rentals should go since they will be more up-to-date in terms of their facilities inside the shop.

People who are into computer rental business now prefer to use wireless networks in linking their units. This is because wireless networks offer more convenience and practicality especially if your clients are those who will be perpetually linked into the cyberspace.

Having an efficient wireless network is crucial for a computer rental business because this will somehow ensure that you will be giving good service to your clients. If you have a computer business and you’re having problems with you your network, this is the best time to think of ways on how to extend the range and the strength of it through a wireless network.

Improving the network

Windows XP is the commonly used in most computer rentals these days. This is ideal because wireless networks work best with this operating system. But having an XP is not enough, you need other “tools” to help you improve the network available. Microsoft Windows XP would notify you often that you might be having a weak signal. This means that probably, your connection is not really as fast or as reliable as it may seem.

Knowing that you have a weak signal is ideal so you can still do something about it. What is worse is that, your clients will get mad at you for having a weak and slow Internet connection. If having a weak signal is your major problem in your computer rental shop, here are some tips that can help you improve you’re the wireless network signal and the overall network performance as well:

1. Try to position the wireless access point or wireless router in a central location of your shop. If you are after the superior performance, place the router at the center of the shop. When your wireless router is placed against the wall, there are greater chances that the signal will be weak on the other side. If ever it’s hard to move your wireless router, you can do move the router off the floor to veer it away from walls and objects that have metal on them. Remember that wall, metals, and floors can obstruct the router’s wireless signals.

To get a better hold of the signal, take away the router from these for they may cause severe interference and will weaken your signal. Another way to reduce wireless interference is to remove cordless phones and other wireless electronics away from computer. If it’s inevitable, you should choose cordless phones or wireless electronics that use 5.8GHz or 900MHz frequencies instead of 2.4GHz frequency.

2. Check your wireless router. In case you’re done with all the relocations and you still have problems with your signal, then, maybe the location is not really the problem. For all we know, the router is not functioning well. Try replacing your router’s antenna or upgrade it. While upgrading, make sure you get a hi-gain antenna that focuses the wireless signals to a single direction. Although the antennas that supplied with your router are designed to be omni-directional, you can aim the signal in one direction where you need it the most.

3. Change your wireless channel. Like radio and television, wireless routers also broadcast on different channels. To improve the connection in the computer rental shop, try changing the channel by browsing through your router’s configuration page to see if your signal strength improves. There is actually no need for you to change your computer’s configuration because it will automatically detect the new channel.

Almost everyone has a computer. These come in different configurations, colors and sizes. But if you can’t afford to buy a new one, you have no choice but to settle with what you have right now even if it is now that good anymore. Fortunately, there is another option and that is to avail of computer rentals.

But what are computer rentals? Basically, these are companies that allow you to borrow a computer for a certain period of time at a set fee. Most of those who borrow are people who have poor or bad credit while there are those who have to get it because their current unit is being serviced at the shop.

Whichever the case, you have to compare the rates of the various companies offering computer rentals first before signing the contract.

Some of the things included in the contract are the duration which you will borrow the computer, the rate at which you agreed to borrow it and extra fees you will have to pay if ever you returned it late. If you need to borrow it much longer, inform the company you got it from in advance so arrangements can be made.

Most companies that offer rentals can be found online. After filling up the form and telling them any special request, only then will they be able to tell you if they have what you need and how much it will cost.

One of the nicest things about computer rentals is that if the computer ceases to function, the company will send a replacement unit. But before this happens, you can even avail of a certain package which offers maintenance services.

Payment for renting these units is not that different than paying for other products and services since those who run it will honor payments through credit card and PayPal if they don’t have an office and cash if there is one within your neighborhood.

A lot of people don’t know this but the cost of renting a computer is twice the price for a new computer that you can purchase from a store. You might think that people who do this are crazy but then again, these individuals have no choice when they have poor credit and those who own computers have brought theirs to the repair shop.

It is because of this dilemma that enables owners of computer rental shops to stay in business even in the digital age.

Do we have any other choice? The answer is yes. Those of us who need to use the computer can go to an internet cafÈ and use the computers there which are charged by the hour or we can try to buy a second hand computer from auction sites.

But computer rentals have their advantages. For one, the government gives people tax benefits to those who operate their businesses by leasing these types office equipment. This means they save cash so that when their business is doing well, they have the option to buy the leased computer from the rental company or they can buy a brand new one.

With that, you can say computer rentals are not that bad even if they charge so much. Remember, this is only temporary just like staying in a hotel for a few days when you decide to go for vacation.

If you are planning to go into business, one of the most promising enterprise right now is computer rentals. Although people have their computers at home, most do not lug them around when they commute or when they are in the office. It’s vastly inconvenient. There is also too much people in libraries where internet access is free. Another idea is to add a coffee shop where people can chill and have a cup while chatting with friends over the internet or doing some research.

Another advantage of putting up a computer rental company as opposed to other businesses is the fact that you don’t have to spend so much. Here are some of the things that you might need when getting into this industry.

1. Computer terminals
With PCs not all that expensive anymore, you can probably buy a lot for a few thousand dollars. Take advantage of big sales when buying and because you will be buying in bulk, you may even get to enjoy additional discounts for the lot. Computer terminals include a monitor, a keyboard and a CPU.

Make sure though that you also check what you are buying. When you are running a business, it pays to have more sturdier equipment as they will be used 24/7 by different kinds of people. Easily-broken stuff will not last long in a business environment so also think of that fact when doing your budget.

2. Internet access
This goes in two ways. You first need a modem that for the computer terminal. Modems can be internal or external. Most PCs in the market already have their own modems inside but ask the seller just the same so that you can be sure. External modems are pretty expensive. Another requirement for the internet is the phone line. You need to have a line before you can use the internet. This is especially true if you are using dial up access although this is already considered passé. The last requirement is of course the internet service provider, the company that will provide you with the internet access. You can either go for the broadband service or the dial up. Some businesses go for WiFi which the “in” thing right now.

3. Tables and chairs
Another important equipment that you need when putting up a computer rental shop is the tabletops and the chairs. Make sure that they are comfortable to use and big enough to house the computer terminals that you bought. To ensure the smooth flow of purchasing, check out first the size of the location and then scout for tables and chairs. You will or less be able to determine just how many terminals you will need. That way, you will know if the tables and chairs that you are eyeing can fit right through the space.

4. Cashier or a system of paying
Often, computer rental shops operate on a per hour basis. When you log in, you are timed until the very last minute of your computer use. Your time will be rounded off to the nearest half hour or hour depending on your policy. So decide on that. Check the other rental shops in the area for a system of payment. You can also look into the way the computer rental shop price their services.

Although computers are dime a dozen, internet cafes and computer rental shops are still booming businesses. Some people ask why this is so when virtually every household in the country have their own PCs. But what most people don’t see is a large market for this kind of business. When managed well, computer rental shops can yield really big income for your business.

Here are several reasons why computer rental shops can be a big income drawer for you.

1. Heavy load
Not all people carry their laptops with them all day long. Most people find them heavy to lug around when commuting from home to their offices. Some just leave it at home because they can always have access to computers and the internet through their office computers or through these computer rental shops or internet cafes. These people do not even bring their laptops when they are out of town unless they need to do a presentation and need the laptop to keep the file. Otherwise, they will leave it at home.

2. Convenience
No one especially men want to travel with sooo much luggage. Bringing a laptop with you when you travel is a great inconvenience. Not only do you need to carry the heavy load, you also need to check every now and then that it is not squished or even dropped. Laptops are very sensitive and you can’t just put it anywhere. It is also uber expensive, therefore easily stolen. You need to keep it close at hand where you can watch over it constantly.

3. Staying connected
One of the reasons why people carry their laptops with them or need the use of computer rental shops and internet cafes is to stay connected with people. Besides phone calls and text messages, emails are also very popular with people. This form of communication is actually more preferred especially in corporate settings because it is basically free. You only need to pay a one-time fee that is small and you can contact and even talk to anyone you want.

4. instant access
Another reason why people go to computer rental shops and internet cafes as opposed to using their computers at home is the internet access. Most houses either do not have internet or they have slow access. Because it is a business, you can expect the internet access in these computer rental shops to be fast and easy to use. You don’t need to go through the dial-ups or create set-ups. Staff in the shop will assist you.

5. Programs
There are programs that are being offered in computer rental shops that may not be inside your own PC or your laptop. One example is the Adobe Suite, which includes the Photoshop, In Design despite them being very popular among people who have creative jobs. Remember though not all shops carry the program. You also need to find out ahead of time so that you will have time to look for another one just in case the first one did not work.

With these reasons and maybe a lot more that have not been said, you won’t need to worry that your computer rental shop business will suddenly face bankruptcy. They will actually sell the service. All you need to do is be positive and just do your best.

To borrow or not to borrow a computer, that is the question. To answer this, we have to understand what are the pros and cons of doing so we are able to our hard earned money and put this to good use. If after weighing your options borrowing is a good idea, then select a unit from a computer rental store.

The advantage of leasing computer is that you can get the unit that you want with the specifications that you require. If you are not a computer expert and don’t know that much about computers, you can make a reservation online and tell the rental company what are you requirements and then they will take care of the rest. Another advantage is that there are tax benefits you can get.

But when it comes to parts and service, this depends who you are able to borrow the computer from. There are computer rental companies who just let you borrow it and then just get the unit back when the contract expires.

If you get lucky, you will be able to find more customer-friendly computer rental companies that will conduct maintenance checks every so often. But remember, you will have to pay a little extra for this type of service.

Since new computers are made annually, the resale value of old computers goes down. This enables you to buy at a discount the computer you borrowed especially when you lack the funds to buy a brand new one.

Another advantage of getting the services of a computer rental company is that you can also borrow from some other neat stuff such as servers, LCD monitors, routers and a host of other equipment which you may only need for the short term.

Companies can also avail of it especially for those businesses that are just starting out, conducting training or have set up in some temporary space.

Now we come to the point where we see the disadvantages of a computer rental company. First of all, what you borrowed has already been used by other people in the past. There may be some problems that were fixed when these were returned but it is possible that there are some glitches which you will encounter later on.

Believe it or not, with the prices of computers going down, the price of rented units compared to those you can buy in the market is more expensive in the long term. If you look at Dell’s website, you can buy a brand new laptop for less than $1,000. In fact, they are the cheapest brand in the market if you try to compare how many other models that companies like Toshiba, Lenovo or IBM are offering.

But if you are able to make a profit in your business just by borrowing computers, it is alright because in the long term, you can wait until your contract ends and buy computers which you can really call your own.

Computer rentals are expected to continue in the foreseeable future especially when we need the hardware and the software to do business and other personal things. To see what is offered, it is best to ask for a quote and test it out for yourself so you can judge first hand if you are satisfied with what the rental company has to offer.

Since the Net has become the new hub of communication, more and more businesses are now related to it such as computer rental shops. This is because people — even if they don’t have personal computers and Internet access at home — would still want to be connected to the world.

One of the things that are inevitable in putting up a computer rental business is the network. Some still use the traditional cable wires while others have chosen to use wireless networks to make things easier. Aside from faster Internet connection, wireless networks have also provided an effective solution to households that have multiple computers, televisions, radios, VCRs, cordless phones, peripherals like printers and scanners, and other electronic devices by linking these devices by means of local area network or LAN by being point-to-point or point-to-multi-point.

Aside from connecting different electronic devices to each other and to the Internet, wireless networks also makes resource sharing, better communications, manageable controls inside the shop, effective scheduling, and easy access to entertainment and information possible and convenient to everyone. If you have just came up with your business and don’t have time to attend classes regarding it, you can still get enough information on it by getting an online tutorial.

Getting ready for a tutorial

Nowadays, all communications, whether these are personal correspondence or business transactions, are now being conducted online. This realization led the way to the emergence of wireless networking. But wireless network is not something that can be learned overnight, tutorial is a must to give people — especially computer rental owners — a rundown about it.

Experts say that it is indispensable for people who are into computer rental businesses to learn about wireless network. If they don’t have time, they browse for online classes for wireless network tutorials. Today, most sites that offer wireless network tutorials begin with the introduction to wireless computer networking.

Basically, the tutorial will give you a brief overview how can it help you through the process of planning, building, and testing a wireless network. For starters, the tutorial will force you to familiarize yourself with the ABCs of wireless technology and the terminologies so it won’t be hard for you to comprehend the terms that will be used throughout the entire tutorial. The following are other things that the tutorial can teach you:

1. Familiarization with the field of wireless networking or computer networking. Learning wireless networking within the confines of ìtechiesî like equipment manufacturers, the service providers, and so-called ìexpertsî who studied the field of networking is the primary thing that you mots likely will learn from a tutorial.

2. Familiarization with the types of wireless equipment needed. Here, you will know that you will need accessories and other attachments such as like wireless network adapters, wireless access points, wireless routers, add-on wireless antennas and wireless signal boosters to make wireless networking really work. After introducing you to the set of wireless equipment and explaining their uses, the tutorial will help you with WLAN configurations by providing step-by-step guide.

3. Tips in maximizing the benefits of proper WLAN installation and configuration. Here, guides in wireless router installation, a wireless access point installation, wireless adapter configuration, Ad-Hoc Home WLAN configuration, software Internet connection sharing configuration and other WLAN troubleshooting tips, tweaks and tricks are provided by the wireless network tutorial. This is done to make things easier for you in running the network in your computer rental business.


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