Tips When Dog Breeding

Not everyone has the interest to breed dogs. To some, it may be a calling of some sort. For others, it serves as a past time and to increase their pets at home. Your goal here is to improve a certain breed of dog and if you have a different reason, you should think twice about it.

True enough, there are lots of books and dog breeding sites out there that claim they can help you in breeding dogs. Well, here’s the sad part- it’s quite different when you’re doing the actual stuff.

If you own a pet, you probably won’t know if your dog has a genetic problem unless an expert tells you so. You don’t have any idea about dams getting lost, struggling bitches, or breech births. The only things you know are how to groom your pet, give them exercise, and feeding them. Being a breeder is much more complicated because you need to attend to a lot of things.

If you want to become a successful dog breeder, here are helpful tips for you:

- Find a reputable vet in your area. Have your female dog examined to ensure that she is in perfect condition and in the peak of health. You should also request the vet to assist you in getting a certification that your dog is free from inherited diseases or genetic problems.

- Since you own the female dog, you need to prepare your place to house puppies in the near future. You can designate a room in your house for the whelping or you can build another room near the garage; that is, if you still have extra space on your yard.

- Get a certificate from the kennel club or the AKC. Cross breds don’t get good standards but if you have a purebred, much better.

- Find a reputable stud owner. If you can’t find one locally, you might want to look somewhere else. You should also check for the past performance of the stud. You can also try the new studs as they command lower fees but you may be at risk. It’s a good idea to stick with the reputable and experienced stud owners because they can assist during the whelping stage and in caring for your pups.

- Don’t forget to check for the certificate of the stud. The dog should also be free from any genetic faults and conditions like brucellosis, eye problems, etc. Even dogs have sexually transmitted diseases so always be on guard.

- Exercise your female dog but be careful because at this stage, the dog is very sensitive.
- Mating should be done at the place of the stud and not yours. Prepare your female to go to the place of the stud.

- For best results, mating should be initiated on the 9-13th day when the female is in heat.
- The female is often uncomfortable during mating but you need to ensure that the ‘tie’ lasts for about 10 minutes for best results.

- Pregnancy can be confirmed 3 weeks after the mating. Check with your vet.

If your dog is pregnant, you now have to prepare for whelping and for caring of the pups. You will also do a lot of paperwork for the registration and selling of the pups. Good luck.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeding

Who says you can’t find hypoallergenic dogs? Some individuals are quite sensitive to pets, even pet dogs. Here’s good new for you – there are hypoallergenic breeders of dogs and it’s quite easy to find them. You should be extra careful when choosing pet dogs because there are dishonest dog breeders out there who sell the wrong dogs.

Firstly, you should try to do investigate a little. Try to know more about the dog breeders in your local area. That way, you will know which breeders provide the best pets, particularly the hypoallergenic ones.

Make use of the internet and the local library. You can find a lot of information there about hypoallergenic dogs. There are only specific breeds that are considered as hypoallergenic. Since these dog breeds are different from other dogs, you should learn as much as you can about them. Try to discover how to deal with their moods, living conditions, and know how to properly care for them. The pictures of the dogs are also available and so you can see their physical appearance. Don’t forget to ask for the price. If you’re lucky, you can find an affordable dog breed that suits your needs and taste.

Once you’ve chosen a particular dog breed, you can now start researching about the different dog breeders in your locality. Dog breeders often advertise online, on vet offices, bulletin boards in your community, and on the newspaper. Visit only the licensed dog breeders to ensure quality of the dogs. You also need to check with the local agency if the dog breeders are indeed licensed. You will also find out if the dog breeder offers the dog breed you like.

Once you’ve proven that the breeder is licensed, you should check out their facility. By visiting the place of the dog breeder, you will see if the environment is safe and friendly. This is very important because a well-kept dog is friendly and playful. Tell the breeder about your preferred dog. Once he or she brings the dog to you, check their eyes, coat, and skin. This is a very effective way to tell if the dog is healthy or not. With the researches you’ve conducted earlier, you can easily tell if the dog breed is healthy.

The price of the dog breed varies. A pure bred dog can cost hundreds of dollars so you need to get a breed that you can afford. Return policies are not offered by most dog breeders. If you think that the price of the dog is too low or too high, you should check out with other local breeders. If you have any suspicions, you should tell the breeder frankly.

If you have dog allergies, you need to spend more on the hypoallergenic breeds. These dog breeds are more costly than regular dogs but it’s worth the investment. It’s a good idea that there are now hypoallergenic dogs for those who want to own pet dogs despite their allergies.

You can start looking for the perfect dog breed in your area now. If you deal only with the licensed dog breeders, you’re sure to get high quality pet dogs at a reasonable price. Prepare your money now because it’s going to be a bit of costly to get hypoallergenic dogs. It’s all worth the money and effort because you can bring home a lovable pet for the whole family to enjoy.

History of Dog Breeding

Studies revealed that humans already loved pets even during the pre-historic days. For thousands of years, man has established a good relationship with specific dog types. Useful dogs are treated nicely and are fed regularly. As years passed, domesticated dogs were developed and at present, there are already different groups or types of dogs like the sight hounds, guardian or livestock dogs, and the hunting dogs. To maintain such differences, the people intentionally mated different breeds to uphold certain characteristics.

Purebreds were for the rich and famous but that was years ago. Dogs today are more affordable because of the extreme competition in the dog breeding industry. Some breeders concentrate mainly on purebreds while others focus on mix breed or cross breed dogs. There are different types of breeding such as inbreeding, line breeding, and out-crossing.

Dogs should be registered with the dog registry like kennel clubs. Owners of studs should also be registered so that you can receive the necessary documents. The American Kennel Club or AKC is quite popular in the US and you can find a huge database of all the dogs there with their respective lineage, working qualities, and achievements. These dogs are also the ones who are associated with the kennel clubs in the US.

Purebreds also have their own records in the registry. Dog breeders are encouraged to check with the registry to learn more about a particular dog breed. The records can help a breeder in analyzing the traits, pedigrees, and other valuable information. The registration of purebreds and mixed breeds vary depending on the state you live in, the registries, and kennel clubs. A certain breed already has an established standard that breeders should follow. They must abide with the rules to ensure the health of dogs.

Dogs are required to undergo hip certifications, joint X-rays, and even eye exams. Special tests or trials should be passed by your dog to get the certification. An expert will evaluate your dog’s working qualities and other factors before a certification is issued.

The new breeders are often called backyard breeders. Those mass producing businesses are called puppy farms or puppy mills. Dog breeding is considered unethical by animal rightists. But it’s up to the dog breeder to practice ethics in the conduct of his business.

These animal rightists claim that inbreeding dogs should not be encouraged because genetic disorders are increased. They also claim that there is already an overpopulation of pets in the world today and they also protest against the yearly killings of dogs in animal shelters.

Dog breeders are already aware that dogs possess inheritable characteristics just like humans. It is therefore very important that only the good genes are passed on to the puppies. Among the common hereditary problems are hip dysplasia, eye problems, heart conditions, deafness, bone or joint, etc.

Dog registries and breed clubs are conducting extensive studies on these conditions so that breeders will have adequate information on how to prevent such genetic defects. The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) is also collecting useful data for the benefit of dog breeders.

Dog breeding is rich in history. For thousands of years, people cared for dogs and it’s no wonder that dogs are closest to man of all the animals or pets. So, do you want to become a dog breeder? Decide now.

Frequency of Dog Breeding

When is the best time to breed a bitch? Studies reveal that in order to ensure the health of the mother dog and her puppies, breeding should only take place one the bitch is two years old. After that, breeding can be repeated in alternate years. Just like humans, female dogs should have adequate rest after giving birth; otherwise, her health can be compromised. Dog breeding requires perfect timing and during this time, the female dog is already prepared mentally.

Once the bitch reaches complete physical growth, she is ready to become pregnant. Certain breeds are prone to hip dysplasia and in order to be certified that such breeds are free from any problem, they should be two years or older. If you want, you can also send the hip X-ray f your dog to OFA to get accurate evaluation. If OFA claims that the X-ray is fine, you can start breeding your dogs. A local veterinarian evaluation is not enough to get the certification needed and you can only get it through OFA. Perhaps you’ve already heard about vets who pronounced ‘wonderful X-rays’ for dysplastic dogs which compromised the health of both the mother and pup.

Breeding frequency should be kept low as much as possible. Even if you’re planning to breed at maximum, you should see to it that you establish intervals between breeding. By doing so, your female dog can regain her strength because she is able to rest completely. If the female dog gets pregnant frequently, she will produce weaker puppies which can eventually die after birth or perhaps defective ones. You see, frequent pregnancy can be quite tough on the part of your female dog.

All the necessary certifications should be met before breeding any dog. Female dogs have a lot of requirements and certifications. Male dogs don’t have a particular ‘maturity time’ and they can be bred at any time. Still, the stud should be checked regularly to ensure that there are no problems or health conditions involved. Frequency of breeding among male dogs is also not an issue not unless you plan to breed your stud everyday. Try to establish an interval so that you won’t encounter any sperm-production related problems. If you’re going to subject your stud to frequent breeding, you should ensure the finest feeding program.

Once the female gets pregnant, you should practice extra care. Regular vaccinations are required as well as medications. You need to ensure that the female dog gets her shots and supplementary foods. Veterinary care is needed at this time because miscarriages can also occur. During pregnancy, the female can also encounter some problems like illnesses, infestations, and diseases. With a vet ready to provide excellent services, any emergency situation can be handled effectively.

Watch out for mummy puppies and water puppies. The first is appears like a mummy as the name suggests. The pup did not develop properly and it appears like a rotten pup upon birth. This is often caused by inadequate care and over-breeding. The latter is an underdeveloped puppy and appears like a gelatin and it is said to be related to viral exposure.

Frequency of dog breeding should be determined before you start any breeding program. The health of both female and male dogs should be considered to ensure the production of healthy and playful puppies.

Dog Breeding to Earn Income

There are a great percentage of unemployed individuals all over the world today. Even if there are lots of companies offering jobs, it is still not sufficient enough to meet the growing demands of the people. This may be the reason why many individuals prefer to put up their own business. There are many kinds of businesses that you can put up like a dog breeding business.

For those who have pet dogs at home, perhaps it’s time for you to consider a dog breeding business. Some pet owners breed dogs but they don’t sell them. They simply want to increase their pets at home or they give the dogs as presents to their love ones. What about putting them for sale? It’s really a profitable business especially if you know how to do it.

You will not be putting your precious pet in danger. In fact, it’s a better way to keep your dogs safe and physically fit. Natural breeding is preferred by most dog breeders because it is quite affordable. Once you find a suitable mate for your dog, you can already start your dog breeding business.

Even if you have your own career at this moment, you can still carry on with a new business. Don’t worry about the place of business because you can do it at home. The risks are also minimal so there isn’t really a need to worry. With less risk, a dog breeding business has a high profitability potential.

You will simply designate a room at home or perhaps near the garage where you can breed dogs. You need to learn how to conduct dog breeding. Even if it sounds very easy, it’s a bit complicated. Without enough knowledge, you can’t effectively breed dogs. If you have a male and female dog, then you’re in luck but if you only have one, it’s also easy to find a mate. By accessing the internet, you can find a lot of dog breeding info resources that will help you in finding a mate for your dog. Another concern that you should immediately attend to is finding a good and experienced veterinarian in your area.

When breeding dogs, you need to have them checked regularly. This is one way to ensure that they are in excellent health. The vet will also be able to help you to determine the perfect time of breeding. The female dog should be observed closely so that you won’t miss the ‘heating’ time. Otherwise, you will wait for another six months. Make sure that during the ‘heating’ time of the female, you put them together in a safe and secured place. This is an ethical way of conducting the business.

If you’re lucky, you can get it the first time. In just a couple of months, you can already have puppies. The market is also easy to penetrate because most households want to own pet dogs. Even if you need to spend additional capital, it is quite low as compared to other kinds of business.

Make sure that the environment is healthy for your dogs. You must be a responsible dog owner in order to be a successful breeder. Learn how to breed dogs now and prepare all the necessary things you’ll need like kennels. Talk to your vet often and have your dogs checked regularly. That’s how you can be successful in the dog breeding business.

Dog Breeding Tips

Dog breeding is a tough decision. Not many individuals are interested in it because of the hard work and cost it entails. It’s natural to feel uneasy especially if this is your first time. To guide you, make use of the following helpful dog breeding tips.

Finding a mate – this is a very important task. You need to consider the female dog that you currently have. Try to imagine the puppies that your dog is going to give birth to. Find a suitable mate so that you will have good-looking pups.

The health of the female or mother dog – to ensure success in dog breeding, you should ensure the health of the female. A healthy pregnancy will give you healthy puppies. Giving birth will also be easier for your dog. Consult a vet and ask for the right kind of supplements to ensure proper nutrition.

It is also a good idea to maintain a record of the female and male dogs. It will serve as a history record of the behavior of the dogs. Take note of the times when the female is in heat; as well as medical issues and changes in the behavior.

Dog breeding will also require you to keep a good relationship with the vet. You will need his or her help during breeding, pregnancy, and when the dog finally gives birth. New pups should be closely observed by the vet to detect any abnormalities or problems.

Female dogs are usually prone to reproductive problems while male dogs are not that susceptible. Problems with female canines can be corrected easily but in the case of male dogs, like that of reproductive organ infections, low sperm, anatomical defects, hypothyroidism, spinal arthritis, and brucellosis should be addressed as soon as possible because this may affect the breeding interest of the male dog.

Failed breeding among females is primarily caused by wrong timing. Female dogs experience a long period of heat and so it can be a daunting to task to identify the perfect timing without the use of hormone tests. Ask your vet about the perfect timing for breeding. You’re in luck if you get it the first time. When the female dog reaches one year, she will start heating up but this is still not the best time to start breeding. You need to wait until she reaches two years or so.

The heat’s duration ranges from 10-12 days and it starts when you see the first appearance of blood. The female acts differently and you can easily notice changes in the behavior and temperament. Put the male and female dog together for a couple of days. You need to ensure perfect timing because you can repeat it again after six months.

When the female gets pregnant, your vet can tell after 22 days. You can now start looking for the new owners of the puppies. After several months, you can already give the puppies to the new owners.

Breeding is natural but you need to ensure that the environment is secured and safe. Perfect timing will also give you additional income when the puppies are finally sold to the new owners. Dog breeding is rewarding but you should be willing to spend time, effort, and money before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Start now and look for the perfect mate.

Dog Breeding the Ethical Way

Dog breeding is not just a regular kind of business. If you’re a sensible person, you will understand that dog breeding also requires you to conduct your activities the ethical way. Ethics is always in question when it comes to breeding dogs and so you need to double your effort to ensure success.

If you’re only after the money, you will not get anywhere in the dog breeding business. You need to balance profit and morale to ensure business success. There are ethical guidelines that you need to follow.

There are certain factors that you need to consider. Developing your skills in communication is vital if you want to convince buyers to patronize your business. If this is your first time to be involved in the dog breeding business, you should try to learn as many information as you can. You can read books about dog breeding or you can conduct a research online. There are also eBooks on dog breeding. You must be able to create a friendly environment to your dog. When grooming your dog, you should provide a safe environment.

Find a licensed vet in your area. You will need a professional caregiver if you want to make sure that your dog is healthy. You can’t expect to make big money instantly. You need to be patient and because this endeavor takes time. Being in the business ethically will not give you a lot of money.

If you hardly know anything about dog breeding, you should start researching. It’s not a good idea to be in a business that you can’t handle effectively. By being equipped with the right knowledge, you will have a higher chance of success. Learn about the different breeding procedures. You can also consult an expert dog breeder who can serve as your mentor. You can’t learn everything by the book; actual experience is vital.

Buying your first breeds is very important. Expert vets can help you in taking care of your dogs. You need to learn about the dog’s proper nutrition, grooming, and nursing. Regular check up is also needed so that problems can be identified as early as possible. You should also start purchasing the various dog supplies and equipments like health kennels. The environment should be free from mud, dust, and other unhealthy factors. Try to maintain a tidy dog so that prospect buyers will be attracted once they see the pups.

Remember that it’s not a good idea to chain your dogs at all times. Giving them tooo much freedom will make them overly playful and friendly. Pregnant dogs should be well-attended too as well as the nursing dogs. Make sure that you give adequate attention and special care to the puppies. At some point, you may become attached to the pups but be prepared because you will be separated in a matter of days or weeks.

Being ethical in the dog breeding business may not give you lots of money or profits but you can be sure that you’re keeping your dogs happy. Other people will also appreciate your efforts and who knows – you might be able to sell the dog breeds easily. Ethical matters are extremely important to ensure success the right way.

Gather as much information as possible so that you can learn many things about dog breeding. Don’t hesitate to learn new stuff because you can use this in the future.