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I’m planning an event at my college. It’s for Business majors, who may go into marketing, management, accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, etc. The event will focus on what a Business major should know about computers, software, the internet, technology, programming etc. What skills are most marketable? What trends are relevant?

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I’ve been reading alot of peoples answer to peoples questions about making money online. Most of the answers are negative. I would like to no why?

Part 2

Nearly everything we buy or consume at some point moves along a system of conveyors. The challenge faced by distribution centers, food processors and bottling plants is finding a way to move these products rapidly and efficiently without damaging them in the process. Rexnord’s FlatTop has met this challenge. Smooth-running Rexnord TableTop and MatTop conveyor chains gently cradle even the most delicate products, lower energy costs, reduce noise levels and move fragile beverage bottles at blinding speeds. But conveying isn’t always about speed. Rexnord FlatTop chains can be found in automated car washes. From berries and boxes to beer and Beemers, Rexnord FlatTop conveyor chain can move just about anything. ___________________ Rexnord Industries LLC © Copyright 1995 – 2010 Rexnord Industries, LLC. All rights reserved.

A few questions about New Hanover County Schools building improvements
What is the capital outlay process and how does it work?

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Thanks everyone for being so supportive!

Bruce returns to give a little history behind the Lake Geneva Wine Festival and the charities that they event helps. The Lake Geneva Wine Festival is at the Grand Geneva Resort on September 10-11. To find out more about the festivities, check out Join the conversation and follow #LGWineFestival on Twitter.

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