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City: 422 vehicles; few taken home
At a time when state-owned vehicles driven home by state employees is the subject of headlines, lawsuits and political banter, a look at the North Little Rock rolling fleet generated a small list of take home vehicles — excluding police cars. The city reported the information in response to a Times request.

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Product Description
The “vehicles” described in this light-hearted yet wonderfully skillful exercise in fictional science are the inventions of one of the world’s eminent brain researchers. There are 14 of them in all—a series of hypothetical, self-operating mobile machines that exhibit increasingly sophisticated behavior similar to that in the real biological or neuroscientific world.

One might assemble Braitenberg’s vehicles like cunning table-top toys that might look like the fantastic Albrecht drawings which illustrate them in the. Whatever their guise, they behave like living creatures, ranging from simple light-seeking automata to vehicles that an observing psychologist or philosopher might conclude were operated by concealed human beings.

Each of the vehicles in the series incorporates the essential features of all the earlier models but represents an evolutionary advance to a higher plateau of complexity (including the designer’s accidents or mistakes that sometimes resulted in a better machine). Along the way, they come to embody the instincts of fight or flight, the characteristic behaviors impelled by love and by logic, manifestations of foresight, concept formation, creative thinking, personality, and free will. Braitenberg shows that these attributes and patterns of behavior can be internalized into machines using the simplest parts—a collection of environmental sensors, some wheel-driving motors, various threshold devices, a few fictional (but logically and technologically plausible) components with special properties. He locates many elements of his fantasy in current brain research in a concluding section of extensive biological notes.

A Bradford Book.

Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology

Vehicles collide in downtown Richmond
Two vehicles were totaled this morning when a westbound 2006 Ford Mustang disregarded a red light and struck a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder headed north on South 10th Street, Richmond police said. The Pathfinder overturned and two people in the SUV suffered non-life threatening injuries that did not require hospitalization. The Mustang driver was …

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What are some safe, family-friendly, and good on gas mileage?

The family has two son, 7 and 2, planing on atleast one more, maybe two. Plus Mom and Dad = 4 people for now.

DOS It’s very important to understand the distinction between skincare active ingredients and the vehicle of the product in order to truly understand skincare products. In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz explains the difference between skin care active ingredients and skin care vehicles.

This Is my 600th video dedication to my subscribers, friends, and everyone who watches my videos and appreciates every aspect of the automobile. Special thanks to brandon reeves auto world for allowing me to visit their dealership on a regular basis. This video is the longest and most in depth video that I have. It has about 44 different cars in it total. It is a start up, engine shot, and choice exhaust shots compilation of every vehicle they had at the dealership as of 3/26/10. I go through each car with a quick overview before hand so you can see the car (van, truck, suv) and understand what you’re looking at. The video encompasses a very wide range of vehicles including: Hummer, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Saab, Honda, etc. Subscribe today for more in depth videos on these cars and for the ones I’ve done in the past. I hope you all enjoy, this took days to make and edit, the most effort I have ever put into a video before!! Take care guys, and remember, every car, no matter what it may be, always has something likable and unique that makes it a pretty sweet car!!

A short run-through showing all of the vehicles in Unreal Tournament 3.


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