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Complete video at: Suzy Welch remembers the “disastrous” Hawaii trip that inspired 10-10-10, her life-transforming method to balance life and work. Welch says to evaluate the “consequences of every decision in ten minutes…and ten years.” —– In today’s accelerated world, with its competing priorities, information overload and confounding options, we can all use a compass, a guiding strategy to help navigate the parade of life decisions: Should I uproot my family for a higher paying job? Should I settle down and have children, or continue my work hard/play hard life? As a work-life columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine and as a writer, with her husband and former GE CEO Jack Welch, of “The Welch Way” column in BusinessWeek, Suzy Welch has developed a simple and yet incredibly helpful life-management tool she contends will cut through the noise and provides clarity for answering all of our work and life dilemmas. Join this powerhouse couple for a discussion of how to put their principles to work in reclaiming your lives at home, in love and at work. – Commonwealth Club of California Suzy Welch, formerly Suzy Wetlaufer, is a noted commentator and business journalist. She was editor of the Harvard Business Review, and has written extensively on management and leadership. Her latest book, 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea (Scribner), is a New York Times best-seller that deals with life decision-making strategies.

Happy life begins at 54, study finds
It used to be said that life begins at 40, but happiness now does not begin until 54, according to a new report.

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Atalaya comes to life in audio tour
Visitors to Huntington Beach State Park can now hear the voice of the Atalaya home’s first resident speaking from beyond the grave thanks to an audio tour the park launched Tuesday.

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Life & Style
The London Housing Design Guide, published this week by Boris Johnson, takes us back to the Sixties in terms of housing standards. And I mean this as a profound compliment.

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A machinima by Gary Hazlitt of one user journey through his build of Thursday’s fictions. Full credits for the ‘experience’ below. One thing missing from video is lots of wonderful texts that appear while you explore. To go there click this slurl Thursday’s Fictions in Second Life Credits: Director: Richard James Allen Writers/Producers: Richard James Allen and Karen Pearlman Second Life Producer, Builder, Consultant and Designer: Gary Hayes (SL Gary Hazlitt) Based on the book and the film of the same title. Texts from Thursday’s Fictions, The Kamikaze Mind and other books by Richard James Allen. Story Consultant: Jacqueline Turnure Music fragments from the original film score by Michael Yezerski A Physical TV Company Production Special Thanks for Thursday’s Fictions in Second Life to: Josie Emery, Therese Fingleton, Literature Board of the Australia Council – The Story of the Future, Lisa Romano, Abigail E. Thomas, ABC Innovation Courtney Gibson, Head of ABC Arts, Entertainment & Comedy Peter Giles, Tony Walsh, AFTRS LAMP Kate E. Wills Andrew Plain, Huzzah Sound, Mark Woszczalski, MetalDog Productions, The Project Factory, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Jivamukti Yoga Sam Allen and Jaz Allen.

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