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  1. ongnoibanoi says:

    @Quadstriker i dunt think she care about pocket kings …ahahaha cuz she got pocket ACES …

  2. SUPREMEPWNAG3 says:

    What are you supposed to play with? Play with yourself jennifer.

  3. bobzani says:

    she always has a big pair at the table

  4. MokoelaBambena says:

    Very hot bitch!! I fuck her into her asshole!!

  5. xvigox says:

    I would go ‘all in’ with that!

  6. skateasdasd says:

    you can play with my dong

  7. MikeyRGuitar says:

    Boobies is why

  8. LadyMeilin says:

    she is so pretty i love her!

  9. spmrulez says:

    she hits a 17. the guy next to her is like wtf. she then waves the dealer off. must have drawn a good card. her blackjack skills are only outdone by her poker skills. hits full boat on river-check

  10. foolsbetrippin says:


  11. MrWilliamEdward says:

    Forget you know anything about BLACKJACK.!!
    It’s not a case of ignorance but of implicated silence..see the page: blackjackassus com

  12. 76767654 says:

    Love her <3 =)

  13. Newblish says:

    why the hell is a horrible “poker player” like this interviewed/wasting my time? God how could i even open this window.

  14. Niowse says:

    what are we suppose to play with……..

  15. Quadstriker says:

    She thought you had pocket kings.

  16. borninJune1922 says:

    uh i just had a wanker on those tits. ONe day i will fuck her for real, rape her if she doesnt do it for money.

  17. jeffdunhamfan18 says:


  18. fd9w4dncm says:

    Small breasts…

  19. Livenderrr says:

    “where do we play with?”

    Play with ur boobies tilly !

  20. pergaperga says:

    …bad visual…O.o;

  21. DarthCybie says:

    I cant, Im fucking your mother’s asshole.

  22. fmla1984 says:

    tit fuck your mother u anushole

  23. DarthCybie says:

    I would like to play poke her with Jennifer Tilly ….what a nice tit fuck she would be.

  24. jpgalvitron says:

    she said what are we supposed to play with? Is That A Trick Question.

  25. DermochelysCoriacea says:

    I hate watching poker, but when Tilly plays my eyes are glued to the screen.

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