Cyber Gold: A Guidebook on How to Start Your Own Home Based Internet Business, Build an E-Commerce Website, & Strategies for Making Money Online

Product Description
Pam and Tobin offer a unique, simple, step by step guide for building an online business that includes the resources, tools, and ultimate strategies for success. Their candid style and insider’s perspective goes well beyond past resources as they expose valuable secrets and provide expert advice that will save you thousands. Includes: business licensing, logo design, and creation of business identity; how to set up a PayPal Business Account and shopping cart to take payments online; profit and loss formulas, exercises, and examples; more than a million trusted drop ship sources revealed; valuable tools for targeted keyword research; SEO techniques: truths and lies demystified. Makes for a great desk reference.

Cyber Gold: A Guidebook on How to Start Your Own Home Based Internet Business, Build an E-Commerce Website, & Strategies for Making Money Online

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  1. This book helped me create a website for my DVD How to Publish a Book; How to Get a Literary Agent that has climbed to the top of Google, Yahoo, and for the search phrase “How to Publish a Book.”

    I launched the site in August 2007 and as I’m writing this review in early December, my website is drawing between 50 and 100 hits per day as a direct result of the Search Engine Optimization strategies discussed in Cyber Gold.

    If you’re planning to use or Tripod to design your site, this book will absolutely help you create a web presence that people will find using popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and

    What’s amazing is how simple it is to create a website that works in conjunction with search engines and popular search phrases.

    I can not recommend Cyber Gold highly enough.

    Stacey Cochran
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Ed Nuhfer says:

    It is difficult to watch television or even to drive around in one’s hometown without finding an advertisement enticing the reader to get rich through using her or his computer. Most such efforts are about making the scam artists rich at the expense of the gullible. The victims targeted are motivated people, especially those living in small towns with sparse opportunities. Despite scammers’ traps, the Internet truly enables one to remain in such a small town and expand opportunities to make a decent livelihood well beyond those available locally. The authors offer genuine opportunity. They have credibility because they have created their own opportunity in just such a town with sparse resources. Instead of a get-rich quick scheme, these authors offer a very reflective approach through a book that conveys honestly that there is much to know and that maintaining a successful E-commerce business is hard work. However, if seeking a book written to lead the reader by the hand to success, this is the one to buy. Authors address both PC and Macintosh equally–a rarity in most reference books, and you don’t need the latest-greatest computer to do anything they tell you to do. Cyber Gold… is well written and well illustrated. If the reader has difficulty understanding the text, there’s a picture; if picture and text fail to convey meaning, there’s an example. This is a surprisingly fine reference for a person who is a consumer at E-commerce sites too. Knowing how to tell a secure site from an insecure or scam site by its URL is certainly good information for a consumer. Another audience could simply be those who build their own web sites, even if these are not E-Commerce sites. I’ve purchased books on building web sites such as Dreamweaver for Dummies, and the skills and knowledge are not nearly so clearly presented there as in this resource. This book doesn’t present the information in the stuffy style of most references. Instead, the reader feels like he/she is just having a chat with the authors and learning the information through a prose that is genuinely friendly. The publisher of the “…for Dummies” series should hire the authors of Cyber Gold… to rewrite some of their texts. As soon as I cracked open this book, I went to the chapter on meta-tags and immediately improved my own web pages. Not only can readers get a good book, but also it appears from the Amazon pages that readers can take a course from the authors through an accredited university. This is a class act skillfully executed. If the authors put their course online, it will be huge–they may have to attend to that more than the business that they created. Although copyrights are addressed, trademarks are not. I would like to see the procedure for obtaining trademarks added to a future edition.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. FindAds says:

    Okay, I purchased the book and even though the book was produced in 2007 the data is dated. For instance they briefly talk about the need for a computer and setting up an e-business, in the discussion the authors reference Pentium II and Pentium III processors. They also reference a dropshipping website and claim the membership cost is a one time $69.95 fee, the reality is that this dropshipper charges $300 to sign up. Don’t get me wrong, there is some good data in the book. But it definitely isn’t what I would consider a great book. I would save your money and look for something else.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. This book is excellent. I recommend it to anyone looking into internet commerce. The only downfall is that it only teaches you how to build web pages with a site/program called Tripod. This is a genius helping platform, but it does not allow enough space for multiple videos.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. L. Miller says:

    This book is excellent. It has everything you need to know on starting an Internet Business.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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